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Toronto's Rising Star Shakur Savi

Toronto's Rising Star
Shakur Savi

The city of Toronto has long been a major hub for entertainment, and in recent years has become a major player in the music scene, producing a plethora of talented young artists. From Drake, to the Weeknd and Tory Lanez, Toronto artists are dominating the music industry, and with no shortage of new talent, the city is poised to continue its dominance as the next generation of artists emerge.

Among the hottest of these up and coming artists is 18 year-old Shakur, a talented young singer/songwriter. Since the age of 6, Shakur has been singing and his passion for music has continued throughout his life as he has fine-tuned his skills and transitioned from simply singing as a hobby, to launching a career in the music industry.

Having performed at charity events, grand openings and weddings, his charisma and stage presence captivated his audiences amd made it clear that Shakur was a natural born entertainer. As he continues to perfect his craft, his impeccable vocal skills are coupled with his talents as a creative and deep-thinking songwriter, which has culminated into the recording of many smooth musical masterpieces.

Shakur’s first official single “Cruel Obsessions” was released on all major streaming platforms June 29th. The catchy melodies, smooth voice and meaningful

lyrics are all exemplary of an artist who is far ahead of his time with a promising future. In a city with such a large variety of artists and new musical talent, Shakur stands out as a one-of-a-kind artist - ahead of the race and a name to look out for not just in the Canadian music scene, but on an international stage.

Stream his first single “Cruel Obsessions” on any major streaming platform by following the link below:

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