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Providing Hope Through Philanthropy

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Neo's Foundation, Ardy Khavari, 8608 Capital Group
Pic By: Yarm Zuk

Despite a brief glimmer of hope that the Coronavirus pandemic was slowing down, it seems as though the world is now entering a 4th wave, even more than devastating than before. The need for medical assistance, supplies and basic necessities has never been greater, especially in areas where access to resources is limited.

Amidst this turmoil, many groups fortunate enough to be able to help those less fortunate, have been doing their part to minimize the negative impacts of rising case counts and hospitalizations. Most recently, the companies of Obelisk Living and 8608 Capital, by way of Neo Foundation, have been proactively pursuing their commitment to providing much needed assistance, by arranging the delivery of essential medical supplies and food to areas afflicted by the combined pressures of the pandemic, poverty, and lack of resources.

Eshgh organization is one of Neo Foundation’s many partners, working to help fight hunger and poverty across the world. Over 800 people have been fed, along with numerous oxygen tanks supplied to underprivileged and undeveloped regions that were short on supplies and suffering greatly from the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic.

When speaking with the management of Obelisk Living regarding their work, they conveyed their general love of all mankind, and the importance they place upon a strong and positive community:

“This a time for all people to come together - regardless of race, political beliefs, or religion, and work side-by-side to overcome these trying times. At Obelisk Living, our love of humanity fuels our drive to help spread kindness and joy to all corners of our beautiful planet.”

These efforts are not in vain and have provided relief to entire communities which otherwise would have been left to suffer, with no means of bettering their situations or combatting the devastation presented by this disease. Not only providing help, but the inspiring others to do the same, can make a tremendous difference in every country. Strength comes in numbers, and the more individuals and groups which commit themselves to the betterment of society, the more of a positive change we will see in the world.

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